- Ambar Trans International SRL
- "K" Line Logistics (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Hraifa Logistica Internacional Ltd
- Ambika Limited
- China Coast Freight Co. Ltd. - Ningbo Branch
- Constant International Logistics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
- Easy Link Int'l Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
- Foshan Jetkuda Agent Co Ltd.
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (HK) Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd - Guangzhou Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd - Shenzhen Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Dalian Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Qingdao Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Yantai Rep. Office
- Guangzhou Rushport Forwarder Co., Ltd.
- Inshine International Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- ISEWAN (Guangzhou) International Logistics Co. Ltd.
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd. - Shenzhen office
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd. TNC office
- Keke Shipping Limited
- Maguchi (Jilin Province) Changban Transportation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd Tianjin Branch
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai ) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Beijing Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Guangzhou Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Ningbo Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Qingdao Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Shenzhen Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Xiamen Branch
- Nissin Logistics Shenzhen Co. Ltd.
- Nissin Logistics Shenzhen Company Ltd.
- Qingdao Fanda Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Qingdao Youngtale International Freight Agency Co., Ltd.
- S&W International Chemical Logistics Ltd. (Huangpu)
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- SR-UTOC International Transportation Logistics (Tianjin) Inc.
- Takase Add System (Shanghai), Inc
- Takase Add System (Zhongshan), Inc - Shenzhen Branch
- Takase Add System (Zhongshan), Inc - Zhongshang Branch
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- Warwick Int'l Freight Service Ltd.
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
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- Takase Corportation
- UTOC Corporation
- WTO Logistics Japan Co., Ltd.
- Zen-Transport Ltd.
PT. Ahlers Logistic and Maritime Services
PT. Cargoport Indonesia
PT. Hanoman Sakti Pratama
PT. K Line Air Service Indonesia
PT. Kartika Eka Yudha Maritim
PT. Maharani Samudera Caraka
PT. Maruzen Samudera Taiyeiyo - Jakarta
PT. Mitra Atlantic Nusantara
PT. Multiguna International Persada
PT. NCS Line Worldwide
PT. Ovalindo Cargo Central
PT. Prima Intitrans Logistik
PT. RGA International Indonesia
PT. Senatrans Utama
PT. Tangguh Logistindo
PT. Tunas Samudra Kurnia
PT.Cipta Segara Internasional
- "K" Line Logistics (M) SDN. BHD.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas (M) SDN BHD. (Kuala Lumpur Branch)
- Mid-America Overseas (M) SDN BHD. (Penang Branch)
- "K" Line Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
- Freight Links Express Pte Ltd.
- Freight Links Express Pte Ltd.
- Global Container Freight Pte Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
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- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
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- "K" Line Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.
- Access Transport Corporation Limited
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- Aero-Marine Transworld Co. Ltd
- Alpine Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Biz-World International Co. Ltd.
- Cargoport (Thailand) Ltd
- ELC Container Lines Company Ltd.
- Freight Liner (Thailand) Co., Ltd
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- Hazchem Logistics Management Co., Ltd.
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- "K" Line Logistics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
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Hong Kong
- ADD System Co., Ltd.
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- ATTA Trans Limited
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- Havi Logistics Services (HK) Ltd.
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- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd.
- Jebsen Logistics Ltd.
- Maguchi Unicon Freight (H.K.) Ltd.
Marina Container Lines (Hk) Limited
- Marina Container Lines (Hk) Ltd
- Maruzen Showa (Hong Kong) Ltd.
- Mid-America Overseas (China) Ltd.
- Mitsubishi Logistics Hong Kong Ltd.
- Nissin Transportation & Warehouseing (HK) Ltd.
- Nissin Transportation & Warehousing (HK) Ltd.
- Trans Global Logistics Group Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics (HK) Ltd.

 Air Freight Operation & Management System – AFOM

Air Freight Operation & Management System (AFOM) is the cutting-edge JAVA based system for international
freight forwarders to streamline their freight export and import operations. With the powerful feature of control and statistical reporting, it is the absolute solution for freight daily business execution and corporate management. It is built for company globalization.

Our AFOM system is specially designed to add value to your daily operation by providing not only operational functionalities but also managerial and financial intelligence and control capability. AFOM is comprised of three modules, namely Air Freight Export (AE) subsystem, Air Freight Import (AI) subsystem and Statistics subsystem.




Capabilities include:

Air Freight Export (AE) subsystem supports air exporting activities such as capture of booking orders data, printing documents like master/house air waybills, issuing invoices and credit notes, and producing manifests for cargo terminal and airlines.

Air Freight Import (AI) subsystem supports air importing activities such as the capture of importing cargo data, printing documents like arrival notice and delivery note, and invoice for shipments.

Statistics subsystem prints statistical and control reports for both airfreight export and import operation. 

Value of ITIS Freight Management Systems 
Shipping plays a critical role in supply chain management. ITIS freight management systems provide clients with proven technology and services that will result in increased operational efficiency and reduced time, labor and freight costs. 

1. Operations => Reduce Cost and Enhance Customer Satisfaction
ITIS  Freight Management System (FMS) employs the best practices of the logistics industry to reduce errors, workload and cost in daily operations. ITIS FMS also improves customer satisfaction through quick response to clients’ inquiries.

Operational efficiency and automation function:
ITIS FMS provides an automation function which allows users to generate and send required documents (e.g. S/I, B/L, Invoices) with a single click. It also features a pop-up search function that makes data entry easy and minimizes key strokes.
Alert Function to reduce data entry errors:
ITIS FMS alerts users when data entry does not match preset requirements (e.g. digits checking on container number) to reduce human error.

Meet industry standard:
ITIS FMS supports industry-standard business processes and documentation associated with regulations.  ITIS FMS can also adjust quickly to new regulations.

2. Control => Enhanced Risk Management and Compliance
The control function improves risk management and compliance.

Work process guide and control Management:
ITIS FMS work process control management improves efficiency and provides progress tracking.

Access Right Management:
The access right management function allows operators to access necessary information and blocks unauthorized access. ITIS FMS helps users to follow internal and external regulations to improve information security and reduce errors.

3. Business intelligence => Support decision-making from accurate data.
The reporting function supports management in timely decision-making based on real-time profit and loss data.

Profit and Loss Report Function:
ITIS FMS generates profit and loss reports with cost allocation and profit sharing functions.

Multi-site Real-time Reporting Function:
ITIS FMS consolidates multi-site information to generate real-time reports.


Air warehouse solution - R@CFS

To compile with ICAO policy on 100% screening on unknown cargo before 21 Jun 2019, CAS has developed new scheme to enable and regulate cargo screening in off airport locations. In 2019 August, ITIS has launched a new Air warehouse solution named R@CFS to help manage screening process, screening images management and required documentation fulfilling CAD requirement.



Here are the function highlights of R@CSF:

  Job creation, RACSF Booking

  Cargo Acceptance for Inbound and Outbound Order

  Screening Plan

  X-Ray Screening function

  Integration with X-Ray machine for images upload

  Non-secure cargo handling

  Internal Movement

  Palletization Plan, Repack

  Cargo Release

  Transportation log for outbound order

  X-Ray Pass label management

  X-Ray Screening Log, X-Ray screening receipt and Reports

  CFS Reports