- Ambar Trans International SRL
- "K" Line Logistics (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Hraifa Logistica Internacional Ltd
- Ambika Limited
- China Coast Freight Co. Ltd. - Ningbo Branch
- Constant International Logistics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
- Easy Link Int'l Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
- Foshan Jetkuda Agent Co Ltd.
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (HK) Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd - Guangzhou Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd - Shenzhen Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Dalian Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Qingdao Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Yantai Rep. Office
- Guangzhou Rushport Forwarder Co., Ltd.
- Inshine International Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- ISEWAN (Guangzhou) International Logistics Co. Ltd.
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd. - Shenzhen office
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd. TNC office
- Keke Shipping Limited
- Maguchi (Jilin Province) Changban Transportation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd Tianjin Branch
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai ) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Beijing Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Guangzhou Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Ningbo Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Qingdao Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Shenzhen Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Xiamen Branch
- Nissin Logistics Shenzhen Co. Ltd.
- Nissin Logistics Shenzhen Company Ltd.
- Qingdao Fanda Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Qingdao Youngtale International Freight Agency Co., Ltd.
- S&W International Chemical Logistics Ltd. (Huangpu)
- S&W International Chemical Logistics Ltd.(Shanghai)
- Shanghai Asian Development Int'l Trans Pudong Co., Ltd.
- Shanghai ECG Int'l Transportation Co., Ltd
- Shanghai Spark International Transportation Agency Co., Ltd.
- Shantou Ocean Star Int'l Freight Co.,Ltd.
- Shenzhen Golden Cargo International Transportation Co., Ltd
- Shenzhen Jinmei International Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Shenzhen King Yes International Transportation Co. Ltd.
- SR-UTOC International Transportation Logistics (Tianjin) Inc.
- Takase Add System (Shanghai), Inc
- Takase Add System (Zhongshan), Inc - Shenzhen Branch
- Takase Add System (Zhongshan), Inc - Zhongshang Branch
- Victory Maritime Services (China) Ltd. Nanjing China
- Warwick Int'l Freight Service Ltd.
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Consolidated Shipping Line (India) Pvt Ltd.
- Fuji Oriental Van Line Co., Ltd.
- Hanetatsu Tsusyo Co., Ltd.
- Horizon International Cargo Japan Ltd.
- IWA Corportation
- Maruzen Showa Unyu Co., Ltd.
- Seika Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Takase Corportation
- UTOC Corporation
- WTO Logistics Japan Co., Ltd.
- Zen-Transport Ltd.
PT. Ahlers Logistic and Maritime Services
PT. Cargoport Indonesia
PT. Hanoman Sakti Pratama
PT. K Line Air Service Indonesia
PT. Kartika Eka Yudha Maritim
PT. Maharani Samudera Caraka
PT. Maruzen Samudera Taiyeiyo - Jakarta
PT. Mitra Atlantic Nusantara
PT. Multiguna International Persada
PT. NCS Line Worldwide
PT. Ovalindo Cargo Central
PT. Prima Intitrans Logistik
PT. RGA International Indonesia
PT. Senatrans Utama
PT. Tangguh Logistindo
PT. Tunas Samudra Kurnia
PT.Cipta Segara Internasional
- "K" Line Logistics (M) SDN. BHD.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas (M) SDN BHD. (Kuala Lumpur Branch)
- Mid-America Overseas (M) SDN BHD. (Penang Branch)
- "K" Line Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
- Freight Links Express Pte Ltd.
- Freight Links Express Pte Ltd.
- Global Container Freight Pte Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas (S) PTE Ltd
- Poh Tiong Choon Shipping (Pte) Ltd.
- Cargorich logistics ltd. (Fuji Oriental Van Line Co., Ltd. overseas agents)
- IEC Logistics Taiwan Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas Ltd
- Solar Dragon Global Logistics Ltd. (Fuji Oriental Van Line Co., Ltd. overseas agents)
- "K" Line Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.
- Access Transport Corporation Limited
- Advance Interfreight Service Co., Ltd.
- Aero-Marine Transworld Co. Ltd
- Alpine Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Biz-World International Co. Ltd.
- Cargoport (Thailand) Ltd
- ELC Container Lines Company Ltd.
- Freight Liner (Thailand) Co., Ltd
- Harpers Sea Freight Co. Ltd.
- Hazchem Logistics Management Co., Ltd.
- M Inter-Corp Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Maritime Alliance Co. Ltd.
- Muto Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
- Paragon Logistics Co. Ltd
- Quality Freight International Co., Ltd.
- SGL Logistics Management Co., Ltd.
- Siam Azuma Milti Trans Co.,Ltd.
- Top Speed Limited
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- Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
- United Thai Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Utmost Logitec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
- UTOC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
- Japan Trust Co Ltd (Great Luck Inc.)
- Maruzen of America, Inc.
- Takase Add System Inc
- UTOC America, Inc
- "K" Line Logistics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
- ANC Co. Ltd
- CP World Co. Ltd
- IEC Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- One World Logistics Co. Ltd
Hong Kong
- ADD System Co., Ltd.
- Air-City Co. Ltd.
- American International Cargo Services (Asia) Limited
- ATTA Trans Limited
- China Aviation Express (HK) Ltd.
- Easy Ship Express Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (HK) Ltd
- Hankyu Hanshin Express (HK) Ltd. 
- Havi Logistics Services (HK) Ltd.
- Hingsway Logistics Int'l Ltd.
- IEC Express (Hong Kong) Limited
- Iec Express (Shanghai) Limited Shenzhen Branch
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd.
- Jebsen Logistics Ltd.
- Maguchi Unicon Freight (H.K.) Ltd.
Marina Container Lines (Hk) Limited
- Marina Container Lines (Hk) Ltd
- Maruzen Showa (Hong Kong) Ltd.
- Mid-America Overseas (China) Ltd.
- Mitsubishi Logistics Hong Kong Ltd.
- Nissin Transportation & Warehouseing (HK) Ltd.
- Nissin Transportation & Warehousing (HK) Ltd.
- Trans Global Logistics Group Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics (HK) Ltd.

Totally Integrated Logistics Solutions

Our expertise in the global logistics business enables us to design and deliver totally integrated logistics solutions to meet client needs and bring high value to their operations.

  International Freight Forwarding Solutions

  Multi-Modal Transportation

  Job Management Module

  General Service Job Management Module

  Warehousing and Distribution Solution

  3PL Freight Business Solution

  Reverse Logistics

  Visibility Tool (VT)

  Customer and Sales Support Module


1. International Freight Forwarding Solutions

Our international freight forwarding solution is designed for international freight forwarders who require a comprehensive system which features a user-friendly interface, high degree of functionality, and simple operating procedures.

This package includes fully integrated forwarding, financial, multi-currency invoicing, sales & quotation, tracking and accounting software and much more. It enables international freight forwarders to operate at the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

An expert ITIS team is always available to analyze your business needs and to customize solutions that will streamline your work processes and result in a healthier bottom line, as well as improved customer service.


 2. Multi-Modal Transportation


Our multimodal transportation solution is specially designed for freight forwarders who handle ground, air and sea transport.

This solution features multimodal quotation and invoicing systems, profit & loss analysis with 100% accuracy, and shipment track and trace ability that enable you to make the best business decisions, increase productivity and efficiency and streamline workflow with invoice automation and shipment and accounting integration.

You will be able to track and manage each job order, separately or in total, throughout the transportation process, and your customers will appreciate the increased transparency and visibility made possible through our online shipment tracking feature. 

3. Job Management Module

AFOM, OFOM or TMS + Job Management

Our job management module is designed as a central platform for managing sales and cost data from various ITIS freight modules and may be combined with any or all of our freight forwarding software products.

It enables accounting personnel to obtain invoice lists on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and to access job profit/loss statements anytime and makes possible better business decisions based on the most current and accurate data.

4. General Service Job Management Module

AFOM, OFOM + General Service Job Management

Our general service job management module is designed for freight forwarders to manage job order and billing for non-shipment business including warehousing, transportation and trading. Users will realize better profit & loss control, improved work processes, increased efficiency and enhanced business intelligence.

This solution may be combined with Ocean Freight Operation & Management system (OFOM) and Freight Operation & Management system (AFOM).

5. Warehousing and Distribution Solution


A warehousing and distribution management system for warehouse operators or distribution centres, our supply chain solution maximizes productivity, performance and profit, while guaranteeing full and on time freight delivery.

This fully integrated package facilitates real-time communication between warehouse management and staff and ensures the most efficient use of resources, including staff, equipment, vehicles and space; automatically alerts warehouse management if/when problems arise, and enables planners to organize pick waves based on scheduled vehicle departure times.

6. 3PL Freight Business Solution


Our 3PL solution is designed for international freight service providers and third party logistics (3PL) providers to help control operational costs and increase profitability.

A cloud-based logistics solution, 3PL is capable of handling all logistics requirements including inbound freight, customs declaration, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution and outbound freight to clients’ customers, and allows clients to track and trace shipments and cargos anywhere and anytime.

3PL providers will also enjoy a competitive advantage with this web-based third party inventory order management module that provides their customers with direct and real-time visibility of their inventory and stock levels.

7. Reverse Logistics

IOVM + Reverse Logistics

ITIS Reverse Logistics solution delivers the same reliable service you expect from us – only in reverse and is supported by our warehousing product IOVM. This service simplifies and streamlines your returns processing and integrates the process into your overall supply chain strategy.

It provides visibility each step in the complete returns process from identifying serial or SKU numbers, to repacking and restocking for resale, and disposal of cargo, this solution promises efficient claims processing and optimal reverse logistics processes that will achieve maximum recovery for you.

8. Visibility Tool (VT)

Our Visibility Tool (VT) allows clients to work faster and smarter by providing the support needed to make the best and most timely decisions in a rapidly changing business environment. It also enables clients to build and generate their own reports and dashboards.

VT is a cloud-based solution that works in concert with OFOM, AFOM, TMS and FAOM systems and helps central management of logistics service providers to produce and refresh multiple reports automatically once data from different branch offices around the world is updated into the system.


Benefits to Users (which is the management or IT department):

  Extract the most up to date insight from large amounts of data

  Make faster strategic decisions based on more accurate data

  Improve business prospects with clear data analysis

  Identify critical trends in business

  Save time with pre-defined sets of report templates, specifically designed for forwarding, logistics, supply chain, and financial functions


Features Highlights:

  Multiple data sources support

  Auto alerts

  Task management functionality

  Key performance index measurement

  Data dashboard


  Drilldown function to data details

  User friendly


9. Customer and Sales Support Module

Based on the 80-20 business rule, sales persons are required to understand their existing customers with analytics in creating more sales upon customer needs. The Customer and Sales Support module is developed to support your sales and customer service teams in providing exceptional service in a timely and efficient manner. 

This is accomplished with the help of two key functions. First is the Pushed Reports function, which automatically emails at a pre-set date and time various customer reports to your sales team. These reports, including daily shipment, sales statistics, customer turnover and customer collection reports, provide the background needed for business analysis and put an overview of the customers’ business trends at the sales person’s fingertips.  

Second is the Query & Tracking portal, which allows your customers to track the status of their shipments and your sales and customer service team to respond to customer enquiries in real time.