- Ambar Trans International SRL
- "K" Line Logistics (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Hraifa Logistica Internacional Ltd
- Ambika Limited
- China Coast Freight Co. Ltd. - Ningbo Branch
- Constant International Logistics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
- Easy Link Int'l Logistics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
- Foshan Jetkuda Agent Co Ltd.
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (HK) Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd - Guangzhou Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd - Shenzhen Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Dalian Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Qingdao Branch
- Fukuyama Global Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd Yantai Rep. Office
- Guangzhou Rushport Forwarder Co., Ltd.
- Inshine International Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
- ISEWAN (Guangzhou) International Logistics Co. Ltd.
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd. - Shenzhen office
- ISEWAN (HK) Ltd. TNC office
- Keke Shipping Limited
- Maguchi (Jilin Province) Changban Transportation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd Tianjin Branch
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou
- Maruzen Showa Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai ) Ltd
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Beijing Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Guangzhou Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Ningbo Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Qingdao Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Shenzhen Branch
- Mid-America Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd Xiamen Branch
- Nissin Logistics Shenzhen Co. Ltd.
- Nissin Logistics Shenzhen Company Ltd.
- Qingdao Fanda Logistics Co., Ltd.
- Qingdao Youngtale International Freight Agency Co., Ltd.
- S&W International Chemical Logistics Ltd. (Huangpu)
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- Shanghai Asian Development Int'l Trans Pudong Co., Ltd.
- Shanghai ECG Int'l Transportation Co., Ltd
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- Shantou Ocean Star Int'l Freight Co.,Ltd.
- Shenzhen Golden Cargo International Transportation Co., Ltd
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- SR-UTOC International Transportation Logistics (Tianjin) Inc.
- Takase Add System (Shanghai), Inc
- Takase Add System (Zhongshan), Inc - Shenzhen Branch
- Takase Add System (Zhongshan), Inc - Zhongshang Branch
- Victory Maritime Services (China) Ltd. Nanjing China
- Warwick Int'l Freight Service Ltd.
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics Co. Ltd. 
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PT. Ahlers Logistic and Maritime Services
PT. Cargoport Indonesia
PT. Hanoman Sakti Pratama
PT. K Line Air Service Indonesia
PT. Kartika Eka Yudha Maritim
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PT.Cipta Segara Internasional
- "K" Line Logistics (M) SDN. BHD.
- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
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Hong Kong
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- Havi Logistics Services (HK) Ltd.
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- Intergroup Shipping (Asia) Ltd
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- Jebsen Logistics Ltd.
- Maguchi Unicon Freight (H.K.) Ltd.
Marina Container Lines (Hk) Limited
- Marina Container Lines (Hk) Ltd
- Maruzen Showa (Hong Kong) Ltd.
- Mid-America Overseas (China) Ltd.
- Mitsubishi Logistics Hong Kong Ltd.
- Nissin Transportation & Warehouseing (HK) Ltd.
- Nissin Transportation & Warehousing (HK) Ltd.
- Trans Global Logistics Group Ltd. 
- Yamato International Logistics (HK) Ltd.

ITIS Technologies
ITIS is an award-winning software company, which specializes in developing applications for the global logistics industry. Our dedicated and professional technology team applies the latest and most relevant technology to help solve business problems in the logistics domain.  

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
We deliver software as a service, which provides our clients remote access to on-demand software without having to incur additional hardware costs. SaaS also eliminates installation, set-up and daily software maintenance costs.  We host and manage the logistics software applications so clients have instant access anytime, anywhere.  

Unlike other typical SaaS solutions that force every customer to use the same application, ITIS technology provides customized applications based on an individual client’s requirements. We make this possible through a detailed and comprehensive software configuration management process.

Seamless Collaboration
ITIS understands that seamless collaboration with both upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain is of prime importance. Our solutions incorporate most industrial standard EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interfaces, including but not limited to customs declaration messages, terminal messages and carrier messages. This seamless integration benefits clients as well as their customers, vendors, and partners.

In addition to built-in EDI interfaces, ITIS is experienced in integration with various Accounting, ERP and other third party systems using different EDI technologies, including XML, EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, ebXML, flat files, etc.

International Standard Compliance
We develop our solutions and implement our projects using internationally recognized Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi) Level 3 compliance processes.  This is a process improvement model that provides us with the essential elements to ensure effective and continuous improvement of our software development and implementation services.

We also focus on standards-based technologies (i.e. Java, XML, J2EE, UML) to deliver open, scalable, and high-performance logistics software solutions, thus ensuring continuity and avoiding phase out of technology.

ITIS Solution Architecture


Java Enterprise Edition Based Technical Framework
ITIS Technical Framework is built on a Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) platform, which is an open platform developed and supported by major middleware vendors. JEE is the industrial standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure server-side Java applications. ITIS Technical Framework is made up of the following sub-modules.

Component Based Design
We design our technical framework in a component-based manner that emphasizes the separation of concerns. It is a reuse-based approach to defining, implementing and compiling independent components which can be maintained in the system for reuse in different products. This practice increases the maintainability and minimizes repetition in the system.

In the logistics industry, especially freight forwarding, site offices are often set up in different locations all over the world. Data consolidation for total visibility is essential to top management’s decision making. In order to consolidate data from site offices, tremendous investment on data integration is required, or users in site offices have to log in to the same system with a unified database server to store all the data. However, this may cause performance bottleneck of the application and a single point of failure in the system. Besides, the availability of the central system greatly depends on the reliability of the network connectivity.

ITIS has developed the Replication Engine which is more cost-effective, less in complexity and lower in risk. It can replicate data in the application from data entry environment to the centralized or reporting environment, in near real time or in batch.

The ITIS Replication Engine is distinguished from other replication engines by its ability to replicate activities in the JEE application servers rather than in the database servers. This solution can be deployed on heterogeneous platforms and databases.

Validation Rule
The Validation Rule module extracts business rules and basic common functionality from program coding to external configuration files. Software engineers can implement system functions by defining validation rules, which can avoid costly program code implementation and maintenance.

Number Generator
Logistics businesses deal with many different kinds of numbers, including bill of lading, shipping order, invoice and job numbers, to name a few, and often use unique numbering systems. ITIS’ Number Generator module generates numbers that conform to customer requested number structures. In addition, it maintains all the running numbers and a number reset scheme.

Cross Database Adaptor
ITIS products support all major database management systems, such as Oracle, MS SQL, etc. This portability is achieved through a cross database adaptor that can generate suitable SQL statements to different database management systems.

Site Configuration Manager
Customers with multiple site offices in different geographic locations may have different localization requirements in each site office. ITIS products support such diversity of functional requirements in a single production environment. The Site Configuration Manager maintains each office’s localized system configuration and avoids forcing the customer to use one version for all site offices.

Report Generator
The Report Generator module facilitates retrieval of report data and report generation.

User Authentication and Authorization
The Authentication module authenticates user identity and ensures password security. The Authorization module provides user accessibility, which can be configured by individual user or user group.

Audit Trail for Security
Some companies may have corporate security policy in place that enforces storing of audit trail information. ITIS Technical Framework records all modification activities, including creation, amendment and deletion, in all functions. The audit trail information includes the user ID, the action time and amended field values.

E-Mail & Fax Integration
E-Mail and Fax functions are supported in the ITIS Technical Framework.

User Experience

ITIS Technical Framework provides facilities to enhance the end user experiences, which include:


  Record Sorting


  Hot Key

  Record Drill-down