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Financial Accounting Operation & Management System – FAOM

Capabilities include: global client accounts handling and tracking, credit control, multi-company/multi-currency settlement, AR/AP netting, intercompany netting, analytic dashboards, multi-currency statements, auto-bank reconciliation, exchange revaluation and consolidated financial books and management reports.

1. Powerful System with Advanced Technology

Internet based applications allows simple implementation

Embedded excel in- excel  out functions to facilitate business requirements

Enhanced Management and Administration

Flexible and diversified reporting functions offer you with more well-organized, accurate and timely information.

Better decisions and forecast can be made by the corporate management during resources planning or cost control.

Secured with high productivity

Intelligent controlling and checking features

Strict security and access control

Smart process functions like auto-bank reconciliation functions to minimize key strokes and human errors


Yes, our Financial Accounting Operation & Management System (FAOM) product has a full fledged accounting system customized for the logistics industry.

Yes, our Financial Accounting Operation & Management System (FAOM) product support multi-currency invoice. And our accounting software allows you perform multi-currency settlement.