Ocean Freight Operation & Management System -OFOM

 ‘OFOM’ is an award winning software which embedded with full operation, control and management functions for global freight companies. 


OFOM HIGHLIGHTS: Vendor Contract, Co-loading, Credit control, multi-sites profit sharing, Generic excel import and excel export, etc.  OFOM is considered to be the best of its kind freight systems in the software market.

OFOM system include Export and import modules, General Service modules (for non-freight transactions), a natural integration to ITIS accounting system FAOM, and a customer portal. Key functions include: Customer Quotation, Vendor Contract, Documentations, co-loading, Invoice and costs, multi-sites profit sharing, master job profit and loss, credit control, integration to CFS, and various integrations.


Capabilities include:  SI integration to multiple carriers, Auto import customer booking forms, Batch print  document functions, Auto generate invoice/batch of invoices, Auto generate incoming invoice (DOCX) to cost, Auto cost allocation, Intercompany billing, Provisional cost management, Batch send emails, JSOX security compliance, Document repository, Account integrations to 3rd party accounting systems (SAP, Oracle), consolidation multi-sites reports, Interactive management report, Web tracking, Auto transfer data from export site to import site, integrations to customs, and 3rd party integrations.

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Yes, Users rights for Access, Edit , Delete, Print , Add can be setup for user group or individual user.